Ericsson Innovation Awards

Az Ericsson minden évben megrendezi az Ericsson Innovation Awards nevű versenyét melynek célja, hogy egyetemista diákok, aktuális problémákra találjanak kreatív megoldásokat.

The Ericsson Innovation Awards is a global university student competition that gives you the opportunity to drive changes and bring your ideas to life. If you are a university student working toward your next level of academic knowledge, we challenge you to put your learnings to use and compete for a Grand Prize of 25,000 Euros and a trip to Stockholm to showcase your idea. Regional prizes and professional mentoring are also part of the prize package.

EIA 2019 theme: Dive Deeper

Nature is our largest resource for technology. Some of our greatest technological achievements were not original ideas, they were found in nature. Sonar, swarm logic, wind turbines, even Velcro, were all created from observing natural elements.

With 71% of Earth being covered by water, what else can we learn if we look a little deeper. Our challenge is to take the natural technology found within water and learn how to use it to develop innovative solutions.

Dive deeper…into our natural resources, into obscure opportunities, into unlikely places. Discover the natural technology within.

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